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What are the advantages of fiber laser marking machine?

Why choose a laser marking machine

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Laser marking machine can be applied to plastic, metal and other material. The laser machine has the characteristics of low cost and high flexibility。

Laser marking machine working principle

                                 Laser marking machine working principle

1. The working principle

The laser is gathered at the very high energy density on the surface of material. In a very short of time, the surface of the material gasification, and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam, accurately burned exquisite patterns or text.

The laser mark is clear and permanent, can not be rubbed and changed. While the Laser marking of the non-erasable coating to also have a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

Laser Source

                                              Laser Source

2. Eight advantages.

a. Marking effect is permanent

Marking will not fade due to environmental relationships (such as touch, acid and degrading gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.).

b. Marking effect has security

The marking is not easy to imitate and change, has a strong security.

Laser marking sample

                                        Laser marking sample

c. Marking effect engraving high precision

Laser marking machine engraved pattern beautiful and delicate, marked clear, durable and with a good feel.

Laser marking sample

d. No damage to the material

Laser marking is a non-mechanical "light knife" for processing, can be printed on any regular or irregular surface mark, and will not produce internal stress to ensure the original accuracy of the material. No corrosion on the working surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution.

e. Applicable to a variety of industries

Laser marking machine can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials processing (such as aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.)

Laser marking samples

                                            Laser marking samples

f. With a high working efficiency

Laser beam can be moved at high speed (speed of 5 to 7 m / s), marking process can be completed in seconds. Speed is several times than Inkjet printer.

g. Low operating costs

Laser marking machine marking once successful, marking speed and energy consumption is small, so the operating costs are low.

h. Easy to edit the pattern.

Laser machine can be equipped with a computer, the user can use the computer edit the pattern, and can always change the print design manuscript content.

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