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What are there several types of laser marking machine?

Types of laser marking machine

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Laser marking machine is used of laser beam in a variety of different material surface marked with a permanent mark.

Laser marking machine is divided into UV Laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, Fiber laser marking machine,They are in the wavelength, working principle, the use of laser marking machine prices have some differences

1. The difference of laser wavelength

UV laser marking machineYAG laser marking machineCO2 laser marking machine Fiber laser marking machine

2. The difference of Working principle

a. UV laser marking machine.

 Ultraviolet laser as energy source, 355nm output wavelength to reduce the thermal impact on the workpiece, high-precision galvanometer marking head can ensure fine and repeatable marking, high-precision fine spot to ensure the perfect marking results, The marking process is non-contact, marking effect is permanent.

b. YAG laser marking machine

Using krypton lamp as the energy source, YAG as a laser-generating medium, can issue a specific wavelength to promote the work of the production level transition release laser, the laser energy amplification after the formation of the material processing laser beam

c. CO2 laser marking machine

Using of CO2 gas into the discharge tube as a laser generated medium, when the electrode in the high voltage, the discharge tube glow discharge, the gas molecules can release the laser, the laser energy amplification after the formation of the material processing laser bundle

CO2 laser marking machine

d. Fiber laser marking machine

The laser is directly output from the fiber. Fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beam in a variety of different material surface marked with a permanent mark. It can expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material.

Fiber laser marking machine

3. The difference of use range

a. UV laser marking machine

 Mainly used in ultra-fine processing of high-end market, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, video and other polymer materials, the surface of the bottle marking, the effect is very fine, marking cleaning firm, better than inkjet and no pollution; flexible pcb board marking, Scribing; silicon wafer micropores, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, etc.

b. YAG laser marking machine

Mainly used for metal, plastic and other low-demand products, can be used for the need to carve depth products.

c. CO2 laser marking machine

It can be used in organic glass, ceramic, Synthetic materials, woods, bamboo, rubber, leather, paper, cloth and so on.It works in capacitance, inductance, Printed circuit board, integrated circuit, electric plug card, some kinds of instruments and control panels, buttons, cosmetic package, foods, drinks, handicraft and sationery. 

d. Fiber laser marking machine

Metals (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic, plastic, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper and other materials.  

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