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CO2 laser cutting machine is being applied to clothing industry

CO2 laser cutting machine used for clothing industry

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Laser processing is being used more and more in the clothing industry.What are the advantages of laser processing clothing?

As a new processing method, Laser cutting has played an increasingly important role in the clothing industry. As we all know, laser cutting technology is fast and cheap. Composed of hardware and software, a kind of digital and automation technology. Compared with the traditional ways of processing, it has a unique technical advantage. Today, CO2 laser equipment can be used to cut garment, not only for the clothing reduction, but also for engraving of the hollow effect, There are advantages in wide range of fabrics processing, incision smooth without flash, automatic nettley, no deformation, the graph can be through the computer random design and output, no die cutter needed, it can cut any shape of various sizes lace, There are advantages in large area fabrics processing, edge smooth, convergent, not deformation, graphics can be automatically random designed and output by computer, it don't need a knife mould, it can cut any shape of various sizes lace. CO2 Laser cutting machine can meet the requirements of clothing manufacturers.

Application of CO2 laser machine

CO2 Laser cutting machines break the cutting speed is slow and difficulty in typesetting of traditional manual and electrical cutting, it completely solves the problem of inefficiency and waste of materials. It is an indispensable machine for high efficiency bulk production of garments and leather goods.

Product of CO2 laser machine

As a domestic famous laser equipment manufacturer, STYLECNC has decades of experience in producing and developing CO2 laser cutting machine, we can provide perfect service for garment manufacturers and leather processors.

Application of laser cutting machine

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