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Professional UV laser engraving machine for marking glass

UV laser engraving machine for marking glass

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STYLECNC UV laser engraving machine can marking and engraving glass, but will not have any damage to the glass surface.
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Video information for Professional UV laser engraving machine for marking glass

Professional UV laser engraving machine for marking glass

Glass engraving machine

Features of glass Laser engraving machine:

1. High laser beam quality, tiny light spot, hyperfine marking, and the minimum character can up to 0.2mm.

2. Professional marking glass, will not have any damage to the glass surface.

3. Faster, better efficiency, high-precision.

4. Automatic lifting, autofocusing, and rotating functions are optional.

5. No consumable material needed, and the low use and maintenance cost.

6. In terms of appearance, the MT-UV series ultraviolet Laser marking machine adopts closed processing for vertical sliding door design and adopts high-quality organic glass that is specially used for filtering protection as a dedicated observation window for excellent overall protection performance.

7. Stable performance ensures long-time running.

8. 355nm outgoing wavelength reduces the thermal effect on the workpiece; the heat affected zone will not bring about heat effect, material no deforming or burning.

Applications of glass Laser engraving machine:

Main used for all kinds of glass, Charger shell of phone, earphone, TFT, LCD, plasma screens, textiles, thin ceramic, Silicon, IC Crystal, Sapphire, polymers, drug, cosmetic, polymer materials such as wire, bottles, boxes surface marking, and micro-holes.

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