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Working principle of CO2 laser machine

Working principle of CO2 laser cutting machine

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Co2 laser machine, now has a great advantage in non-metal cutting. And also are actively used in many fields. After reading the article, it may help you understand the machine better.

Working principle of CO2 laser machine


CO2 laser machine now has a great advantage in non-metal processing area. And also are actively used in many fields. This is the working principle of CO2 laser machine as follow.


The reason why CO2 laser machine so called as this, is that it’s adopted CO2 laser source to lasing. This kind of laser source belongs to molecular gas laser. Working gas is carbon dioxide gas. The nitrogen and xenon is the auxiliary gas. The wave length of the laser source is 10.6 μ which is high stability so that it can output laser with high power.



Then what’s the working principle of co2 laser machine?

There are many mixed gas in the laser source tube, the content of different gas make the air pressure get changed in certain extent(normally the proportion of the gas is CO2:N2:He=1:0.5:2.5 with the air pressure is 1066.58pa) generally speaking,the proportion of the gas is constant after you got the laser source.

And there are three different way the gas moving. The first one is the electron motion of the molecule. It decides the electron energy state. The second one is the atomic vibration of the molecule as atoms constantly vibrate around their equilibrium position. This moving decides the vibration motion of the molecule. The last one is the rotation of the molecule. It decides the rotation motion of the molecule. All CO2 laser machine is using the vibration of the molecule and the transition of the molecule to lasing.


The laser we talk about here, is glass tube CO2 laser source. It also has a RF laser source. This is a photo as follow.

CO2 laser marking machine.jpg

Normally, it’s used in Laser marking area. And the CO2 glass tube also can be used in laser marking area. But compared with RF laser tube and Fiber laser marking machine, CO2 glass tube is not stable and the service life is shorter. Otherwise in Laser cutting area, normally we recommend you CO2 glass tube laser source. Because for cutting, you need a higher power, then the CO2 glass laser tube is more suitable.


The CO2 glass laser tube adopt water-cooling system, the water circulates in the laser tube. But during working, do not to touch the laser tube, it will produce high pressure.


CO2 laser engraving machine.jpg


In application, CO2 Laser cutting machine mainly used in non-metal materials such as, cloth, leather, plastic etc.

Like the old color and ripped in jeans, it’s processed by CO2 Laser engraving machine.



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