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The difference between the air cooling and water cooling of the CNC laser marking machine

Cooling system of the laser machine

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What is the difference between the ari cooling and water cooling? What are the notes when use the laser marking machine?

The cooling equipment of the CNC Laser marking machine is mainly depend on the power of the machine itself. Air cooling and water cooling are used for cooling the machine and ensure the normal work of the machine. The high power CNC Laser marking machine is generally used water cooling, the cooling area of water cooling is large, but it need water pump. Air cooling is generally used for low power CO2 laser marking machine, Fiber laser marking machines and ultraviolet CNC laser marking machines. Air cooling doesn't need the additional parts. And the cooling effect is also good. 

Whether it is air cooling or water cooling, it is generally used to cool the laser emitter. High power laser machine, it has lot of quantity of heat production in the work, so you shoule use the water cycle cooling. The fiber laser marking machine and the small power CO2 marking machine because the power is not very large, the quantity of heat production in the work is not very large, so the air cooling is enough. 

But there are a few types you should know when you use the CNC laser marking machine:

1.When you using laser marking machine, try not to idling the machine, when you adjust technical parameters, it must be sure to operate according to actual work.

2.In the process of work, if the machine have problems, you must turn off the power in time, and check or repair after the mirror stop working.

3.It is best to follow the switch sequence to prevent damage from the wrong operation.

4.Whether it is water cooling or air cooling, it's best to use it in the right environment. It is not only beneficial to the operation of the machine, but also help to prolong the working life of the machine.

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