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New design CO2 laser marking machine with coconuts marking system

New design CNC laser marking machine with coconuts marking system

From: http://www.cnclaser.xyz  |  Date: 2017-11-30 17:43  |  Author: Bonnie  |  236 views
This is a working video of our STJ-30C CO2 laser marking machine for marking coconuts with the rotary table. It can mark on all kinds of non-metal.
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Video information for New design CO2 laser marking machine with coconuts marking system

New design CO2 laser marking machine with coconuts marking system

CO2 laser marking machine

What are the features of CO2 Laser marking machine?

1. High precision and speed, marking depth can be controlled easily, and no need maintenance.

2. Top quality with high speed galvanometer.Provide stable path fast marking.

3. Economic design with Synrad CO2 tube .High power big working site with lower price.

4. Industry computer, strong anti-interference and adaptation stable working position for 24 working.

5. Double red position system avoids material waste.

6. Multifunction software with friendly interface support win7/xp/2000 together with many languages version. Supporting JSP, DMF, One-dimensional code and VIN code.

7. Supporting bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif file and ai, dxf, dst, plt. Work on 256 level grey image. Image processing for grey conversion, black white conversion and dot.

8. Free control system and outside equipment.

What's the applying of CO2 Laser marking machine? 


It's widely used in marking of packing industry,cards,hang tags,garment washing,all kinds of tea drinks,medicines  ,electronic components,wood carvings,products serial number,random number,bar code, 2D barcode and various arbitrary patterns and text.

Also applying in Non Metal Material Such as Lleather ,cloth,textile,rubber. plate,wood,bamboo products,acrylic plate,plastic,organic glass,tile,marble,jade,crystal,shell etc.

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